Research Centre

The Music Academy Research Centre is affiliated to the Tumkur University from the Academic Year 2012 onwards for an initial period of three years. Income from the endowments of Shri N.S.S.Mani, Smt.Uma Karthik Narayanan and Shri R.Kalidas would go to support the costs and classes at the research centre.

The Doctoral Committee consists of 

  • Dr. Meenakshi (Sumathi) Krishnan, Director
  • Dr. Ritha Rajan, Associate Director
  • Dr.N.Ramanathan
  • Dr. RS Jayalakshmi
  • Sri N. Murali Ex-Officio

The approved Research guides

  • Dr. Ritha Rajan and
  • Dr. R.S. Jayalakshmi

Between 3rd and 10th of January, over a period of eight days the research scholars of the Music Academy Research centre, presented the synopsis of their respective theses.

The researchers were required to read the synopsis to the panel that included the guides, Dr. Ritha Rajan and Dr. R. S. Jayalakshmi and all the students. Each line was heard with care, and questions were raised about the content, validity of statements, sentence construction and the overall presentation of the synopsis. This is one of a kind and will work towards the students rethinking about what they have written, the sequence of the presentation, and about any gaps in their ideas. This is an exercise in confidence building and lateral thinking. Apart from that it will ensure that the dissertations are focused and original.

Application of Modal Shift of Tonic in Auḍava Raga