Devotional Music Competition

The Music Academy, is organizing Group Singing Devotional Music Competition under an endowment instituted by Rukmini Arts & Music Trust, from 9 a .m onwards on Sunday November 13th , 2022 at Kasturi Srinivasan Hall of the The Music Academy, Madras.

Groups comprising of 3 to 10 participants below 35 years may register themselves by sending names of the participants and compositions they propose to present. They will have to bring their own accompaniments and sing compositions interspersed with slokas / Viruttam for a duration not exceeding 15 minutes.

Criteria for Song Selection

Selection of songs only from the following:

  • Tiruppavai / Tiruvembavai / Divya Prabandham / Thevaram / Tiruppugazh
  • Annamacharya / Bhadrachala Ramdas / Sadavia Brajmendra, Thyagaraja’s Utsava Sampradayam and Divyanamam
  • Bhajana Sampradaya Songs (Ashtapadi, Tarangam, Abhangs, Bhajans)
  • Purandaradasa & other saint composers.

Previous winners are not eligible

The first two winners will be provided with cash awards and an opportunity to sing during the December Season at the morning sessions.

Last date for registration is 11th November, 2022

For further details contact The Music Academy: 28112231, 28115162