Spirit of Youth Music and Dance Festival

This is a ten-day festival conducted since 1989 in the memory of noted lyricist Ambujam Krishna, thanks to the generous sponsorship of M/S Sundaram Fastners Limited. Many young musicians have been introduced to the public by the Music Academy through this series.

Schedule for 2020 will be announced soon

Spirit of Youth Festival 2019 Dance - Prize Winners

Sl.No Category Name of Artistes Endowed by Donor
1. Best Dancer Bristy Rani Sri Gutty Vasu Memorial Prize Endowed by Srinivasa Prasad International Foundation for the performing arts
2. 2nd Best Dancer R.Shruthipriya
3. Dance Guru Award (for Guru of Best Dancer in Spirit of Youth) Sri.Sheejith Krishna Late P.Obul Reddy
4. Special prize for the Best Dancer in the festival Bristy Rani M/s Sundram Fasteners Ltd in memory of Smt. Ambujam Krishna

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