HCL Concert Series

Begun in the late 1980s, the HCL concert series is as the name suggests, sponsored by HCL Limited. It involves a monthly concert, each one featuring a young and upcoming artiste. Besides, there is one annual concert that features a star Carnatic performer. The junior concerts are in particular considered a springboard for recognition in the classical music world.
Date Artists
Apr 18th, 2022 Prithvi Harish (Vocal), Haritha Narayanan (Violin) and Aduthurai G. Guruprasadh (Mridangam)
May 16th, 2022 Aishwarya Manikarnike (Veena), S. Hariharan (Mridangam) and S. Hari Kishore (Kanjira)
May 17th, 2022 R. Lakshmipriya (Vocal), N. Madan Mohan (Violin) and V. Balaji (Mridangam)