HCL Concert Series

Begun in the late 1980s, the HCL concert series is as the name suggests, sponsored by HCL Limited. It involves a monthly concert, each one featuring a young and upcoming artiste. Besides, there is one annual concert that features a star Carnatic performer. The junior concerts are in particular considered a springboard for recognition in the classical music world.

HCL Concert Series: Music - 6:00PM

Date Vocal Violin Mridangam
Feb 25th, 2020 Madhuri Koushik BJ Nyantara Narasimhan Ajay gopi
March 24th, 2020 R Lakshmipriya N Madan Mhan V Balaji

HCL Concert Series: Baratanatyam - 6:00PM

Date Main Artiste
Feb 24th, 2020 Bristy Rani
March 23rd, 2020 R Shruthipriya