Renovation of Advanced School Of Carnatic Music

The Advanced School of Carnatic Music, started in August 2010, is housed in a building constructed about twenty five years ago as an appendage to the back of the main auditorium.This building used to house the Teachers College of Music which the Academy was running for over seventy five years and had to be discontinued because it had outlived its utility. In its place came this Advanced school aiming at high standards of excellence. The structures at the rear of the property started to erode the ambience of the school. Class rooms were disturbed by noise from service activities which came to be concentrated in this area over a period of time. Those classrooms which were not air-conditioned and therefore had to work with windows open suffered badly.

A decision was taken last year to upgrade the facility and bring it in line with the other buildings in the complex. The four class rooms in the front block were air-conditioned and sound proofed. External noises were eliminated by providing air-tight UPVC windows and special doors. Ceilings and walls were covered with acoustic panelling to overcome the problem of reverberation and improve sound quality. The floor was finished with a seamless PVC covering for the same reason. Each class room now has ample storage space specially designed for storing veenas, mridangams and violins along the back wall and a small dais and a white board in the front. Lighting was also improved by installing LED lamps in keeping with the academy’s policy of energy efficiency. Two additional rooms in the first floor of the block behind the school, but which are connected by an overhead link were also upgraded. Apart from a small lunch room for students and staff, there is a large room, also designed for good acoustics, which can accommodate an audience of about twenty persons. This gives the academy a wide range of music halls that can be used for different purposes.

This project has been made possible by a generous grant as part of their CSR initiative by Temenos India Private limited towards the enhancement and upgradation of the building and classroom infrastructure of the Advanced School of Carnatic Music.This was completed in July 2016.

The architectural services and oversight for this project were provided pro bono by Shri PT Krishnan , a very fine and renowned architect with a passion for heritage conservation and who has been involved in all the projects relating to the upgradation of the Academy' s infrastructure and facilities during the last ten years.