Concerts by the final year ASCM students - Music Academy

Concerts by the final year ASCM students

The final year students of the Advanced School of Carnatic Music appeared for the concert paper, which is the final examination taken at the 6 th semester in the three year diploma course titled ‘Sangita Vidwat Bhushanam’.

The concert paper is the most cherished examination for every ASCM student.The student here gives a full-fledged Carnatic Music performance with violin and mridangam accompaniments, in the presence of their teachers and colleagues. In fact, the whole of the third year is dedicated to the proper and successful presentation of the concert, with the students practicing so meticulously and the teachers grooming them right from the beginning of the Academic Year.

The ASCM concerts that had been regularly taking place since the inception of ASCM in 2010, had to be stopped for three consecutive years, 2019, 2020 & 2021, due to Covid 19 pandemic, throughout the world.

This year, with the improved situation, it was decided to have the ASCM concerts and every one was overjoyed.

These mikeless concerts, which are part of the curriculum, were performed on three days, June 13, 14 & 15, 2022 at the Music Academy Archives, the most ideal venue to hold such chamber music concerts.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it was like a Mini Music Academy Music Festival on these three days. The entire Music Academy office lent its full support for the successful presentation of the concerts.

The President Sri. N. Murali listened to the concerts, enjoyed and motivated the young artists.

All the 7 final year students presented well-planned concerts in the ideal Carnatic music concert format with the traditional Ragam Tanam Pallavi .The violin and mridangam accompanists were experienced professionals and it was enthralling that the young students could perform with them with all confidence and competence.

The teachers and the junior colleagues thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the concerts.

From this year, an Endowment Prize has been instituted for the best concert given.