94th Annual Concerts – Online Ticket Booking

We are happy to announce that the tickets for the 94th annual concerts of the Music Academy are now available for purchase online at the link below:


Rasikas are requested to note the following points before going ahead with booking tickets:

  1. Members of the Music Academy will be able to view all concerts free of cost and the link for the same will be sent to their registered email in the next few days.
  2. There are three concert slots – junior, sub senior and senior. Of these, as is the practice with the Academy, the junior and sub senior concerts are free for everyone to view and can be accessed by links that will be provided. To get an idea of who is performing in what slot and on which day and slot timings, this link may be of use https://musicacademymadras.in/94th-annual-concerts-digital-2020/
  3. The senior concerts, of which there are 15, two on all days except the final when there is just one, are priced at Rs 300 each for those logging in from India for and USD 10 for rasikas from overseas. The price in India is inclusive of GST.
  4. Non-members may purchase tickets for just one concert or more or buy a ticket for an entire season. This season ticket is priced at Rs 3600 for those in India and USD 120 for those abroad. NOTE: In effect, those buying a season ticket get 15 concerts for the price of 12.
  5. Upon purchase of the ticket, a confirmation email will be received by you. Thereafter, a second email with details of concerts booked will be sent. The actual links for viewing the concerts will be sent a couple of days before the performance.
  6. Chances are that some of these emails may land in your promotions or spam folder. Please check these places also for receipt of these emails.
  7. The paid concerts will be available for viewing for a duration of 48 hours on the links sent to you.
  8. The free concerts will be available for viewing at any time.
  9. In case of any difficulty in making a payment or any other clarification, you are requested to email music@musicacademymadras.com
  10. Please note that those booking via cell phones may face certain format and resolution issues, which are still being attended to. Kindly use a tablet or desktop/laptop for ease of booking.